Welcome to SchoolPoint

This online tool will allow you to check your assessment dates, assignments, homework, timetable, and write your own reminders. 

How to use my Daily Planner

In here you have the ability to: 

  • View daily and monthly assessments and assignments 
  • View your homework as assigned by teachers
  • Enter your own homework, notes and reminders
  • View School Events i.e Sports Day


Viewing my Daily Planner

Click on "Daily Planner" in the left-hand navigation. The calendar will automatically open on today's date. 

  • Items shown in blue are assessments, assignments, and/or homework as set by teachers. These are entered against a class or student, this will be shown as the first characters of the message. For senior students working on NCEA subjects, a unit standard or assessment standard may also be shown. e.g 3BIOL [A.S. 91026]
  • Items shown in yellow are reminders, [R] is displayed at the beginning.
  • Items shown in grey are notes your student has directly entered into their own diary. If an [R] is displayed at the beginning, this is a Reminder they have also created.
  • Next to the date you will see Open/Closed or Weekend showing the days school is open. Also shown in a blue circle is the number of events for a particular day, as per the School Event Calendar. i.e Sports Day

Click on the day to display more information.  

Click on each Assessment to show more details on the right hand side.

How to create a note:

  • Navigate to "Daily Planner" in the left hand navigation. This will display your calendar
  • Select "Add Note" on the day that you would like to add your note to.
  • Enter your note and select a Class to tag it to if you wish. 

Note: You can add notes, links or other information and optionally set yourself a reminder date in the future.

  • Click "Save".


How to edit/delete notes:

Notes that you have created for yourself can be edited and deleted. 

  • Navigate to "Daily Planner Notes" in the left hand navigation. Notes you have entered will be listed by class (if tagged against one), or General Notes.  
  • Hover over the note you want to edit, "Edit" and "Delete" buttons will appear. 
  • Select "Edit", make changes and select "Save, or select "Delete".

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